• Commercial lighting: how to buy LED track lights?

    Commercial lighting: how to buy LED track lights?

    LED track light as the name implies is a track light with LED as the light source, alias: LED rail light. Widely used in shopping malls (cosmetics, shoes and bags, clothing and other brand stores), automotive display, jewelry, star hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, Bo heritage exhibition ha...
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  • The role and benefits of wall wash lights in the process of use?

    The role and benefits of wall wash lights in the process of use?

    What is a wall washer light? First of all, to introduce to you, wall washer lights simply put is to let the light like water wash across the wall, mainly for architectural decoration to do lighting, such lighting can outline the large architectural decorative surface, from the existing LED wall w...
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  • The difference between commercial lighting and home lighting? How to choose commercial lighting?

    The difference between commercial lighting and home lighting? How to choose commercial lighting?

    Commercial lighting is also known as commercial lighting, commercial lighting and home lighting due to the application of different places, the product also has different characteristics and differences 1. Commercial lighting mainly refers to store lighting, hotel lighting, supermarket lighting, ...
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  • The characteristics of modern commercial lighting

    Commercial lighting was born from the birth of public commercial premises, in order to serve the needs of commercial premises lighting and lighting systems for commercial occasions. Modern commercial lighting is obviously adhering to the traditional commercial lighting on the basis of more conno...
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  • Points of interior Lighting Design

    At night, the first thing you do when you get home is turn on the lights. As far as home art is concerned, any beautiful, elegant room and design without light is a darkness. With light, the normal needs of life, the art and beauty of interior decoration can be expressed. Therefore, interior lig...
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  • How to Create Anti-glare Lighting Effects?

    LED lights are now very popular lighting tools, with energy-saving and durable point, but at the same time, LED lights will produce glare, LED light blinding, glare, the human eye is very harmful, then, LED lamps and lanterns how to eliminate glare? 1, the use of anti-glare LED lamps and lantern...
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  • Advantages of LED Track Light

    LED track lights are widely used in shopping malls, car display, jewelry, brand clothing, Bo heritage exhibition hall, chain stores, brand business hall and other lighting places, is the ideal light source to replace the traditional tungsten halogen lamp and replace the metal halide lamp. With t...
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  • When it comes to interior lighting fixtures, how do you use mainless lights to create a sense of atmosphere?

    Lighting is not only an important means of shaping an interior space, but also a key to giving it a soul. In the design of interior lighting fixtures, designers are gradually abandoning the old “one main light” design approach and using multiple lighting methods, using point light sou...
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  • Selection of LED wall washer lights need to pay attention to what details?

    With the gradual aging of LED wall washer light product manufacturing skills, the cost is getting lower and lower, and the cost performance is getting higher and higher. Now, low power LED wall washer products in the large screen display and other commercial areas have a wide range of use planni...
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  • Types of Indoor Lighting Fixtures and Buying Tips

    I believe that those of you who have had experience in decoration have learned about indoor lighting fixtures. Indoor lighting is an important part of the home, not only in relation to the lighting effect, but also to bring harm to people. As there are more indoor places where lighting needs to ...
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  • Do you distinguish downlights from spotlights?

    First of all, what is downlight? What is spotlight?   1、 What is downlight Downlight is a kind of lighting fixture embedded into the ceiling and emitting light inward and downward. It has a remarkable feature is that it can maintain the appearance uniformity of architectural decoration, and...
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  • Lighting – Energy Labelling and Ecodesign Requirements

    Lighting products include lamps and luminaires. A lamp has one or more light sources like halogen, compact fluorescent or LED lamps. A luminaire is a complete electric light fixture that distributes, filters or transforms light from one or more lamps. A luminaire also has the necessary parts to ...
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